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Construction Materials

TMT Enterprises now has multiple locations in the Central Valley where we produce a variety of sand and soil products. Fill sand to USGA spec products, Sandy Loam and all sorts of mixes are produced at these facilities, making our quality materials even more economical all up and down the San Joaquin Valley as well as the Bay Area & Sierra Mountains.

TMT is now producing screened fill sand as well as golf course and sports field grade top dressing sand at our operations located in the Central Valley. The economy of producing our own material allows us to competitively serve from Sacramento to Fresno and from Sonora to Santa Cruz with quality sand products.

  • Aggregate Base, Recycled or Virgin
  • Natural, Round Pea Gravel and Drain Rock
  • Crushed Stone of all Sizes
  • Permeable Aggregates
  • Lightweight Aggregates
  • Trench Fill Sand
  • Plaster Sand
  • Mason Sand
  • Concrete sand
  • Engineered Fill
  • Topsoil and Soil Mixes
  • Decomposed Granite
  • Anything Else You Can Carry in Dump Trucks
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